Our Team

Michael Perkins

I’m Michael Perkins the owner and I’ve written all the bios. Talk to me if you want to know about business finance and how it all works.

Lydia Chang

Lydia was a former customer of Marillion. After getting her “paper” from Sydney Uni, she decided to use her degree to bake 2,000 cakes a day (as you do) by buying “The Cup Cake Bakery” next to The Ivy in George St, Sydney, and operated it for years until the light rail construction somewhat dampened the enthusiasm. Baking a bus load of cakes daily starting at 2am is perfect training (along maybe with knowing how to run a small business successfully) for a career with Marillion. Lydia looks after the multitude of builders and developers on our books. What else are you going to do when you stop baking cakes.

Joshua Cameron

Three and a half years ago, my son mentioned that he worked with a young man with impeccable manners who abused the privilege to be a nice guy. He also mentioned that he was half-way through a finance degree and would be a great asset for Marillion. So after 13 years as a solo act, Marillion now had its first employee. Joshua now heads up our residential lending division which specializes in applications for the self-employed. He has taken it upon himself to become an expert in this area irrespective of whether it’s a full doc or lo doc application.

Caroline Awad

Ten years ago, Caroline was approving asset finance applications for Marillion. She now heads up our asset finance team as well as looking after three young children and running her husband’s business. Anyone looking to put forward that female multi-tasking argument is encouraged to cite her name. Caroline is well on top of all the credit policies of the vast multitude of lenders we are accredited with in this area to support her strong general credit knowledge which is crucial in this role.

James Sarks

James completed his accounting degree over a year ago and despite some good offers from accounting firms through his sporting connections, agreed to join Marillion where there is an equal emphasis on financial and management accounting, especially when it comes to securing funding for new businesses. For his annual holiday he heads up to North West Regional NSW where there is no mobile coverage, driving large farm machinery in harvesting season on his grandfather’s farm. What a nice guy.

Marianne Nicotera

Marianne began with Marillion straight from school and is undertaking a Degree in Architecture, with a special emphasis on Building and Construction. She fits in nicely in that Marillion Portfolio team. Like Lydia, she comes from an immediate family of builders and developers with both now ironically, of great assistance to their families when it comes to finance. Loves GWS and assists in explaining the rules to our clients when we host them at Giants Stadium.

Daniel Sciberras

Our newest employee, Daniel is the Marillion mathematician. His skills in this area have become invaluable to us when it comes to some of the complex management accounting examinations that are required on complex business finance deals. Over recent years he spent a lot of time helping his parent’s business and comes to us fully understanding how finance for business owners has to be specialized and well understood to be able to give the right advice and be able to help accordingly.